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Lofoten Seaweed

Lofoten Seaweed

In 2016 the two friendly women Angelita Eriksen and Tamara Singer founded their startup Lofoten Seaweed. Their idea was to exploit the untapped potential of seaweed, which grows wild off the coasts of Lofoten - raw in its dried state and finely ground in culinary combinations with sea salt, chocolate and pasta, but also as an ingredient in beauty products.

Tamara & Angelita: The two founders

Angelita was born in a small fishing village in Lofoten. Where her father was already a fisherman. Thanks to him, she knows the Arctic waters and coasts off Lofoten like the back of her hand. In New Zealand, at the other end of the world, Tamara's Japanese mother had algae and seaweed on her menu almost every day. A physiotherapy education in Australia, ten years of friendship and numerous journeys later, the two women developed their seaweed products - from the perfect interplay of Angelita's knowledge of the sea and Tamara's know-how of Japanese algae cuisine.


From Seaweed to Superfood

All underwater plants are wild-harvested by Tamara and Angelita. They are harvested directly by hand where they grow wild in the rough, crystal clear waters off the north Norwegian coast of Lofoten. Each individual leaf is then carefully checked and sorted again in the "factory". Only then are seaweed and algae - depending on the species between 12 and 48 hours - dried in a specially developed drying room.

The products of Lofoten Seaweed

Lofoten Seaweed's range is based on the various algae and seaweed varieties in their original, dried form. Finely ground, the product Simply Seaweed contains an exciting four-pack mix of Arctic Nori, Dulse, Sugar Kelp and Winged Kelp. Particularly popular because how to use salt are the various salt products that are flavored with seaweed: There is the Truffle Seaweed Salt, which gets a surprising truffle taste from the fine Trøffeltang. Taresalt, which is mixed with dried and ground Winged Kelp and Sugar Kelp. The salt called Lofoten Umami delivers what it promises: Umami - that hearty, full-bodied, fifth taste. The basis for this is the finest Norwegian sea salt, which is mixed with dried, ground Sugar Kelp, Arctic Nori, Winged Kelp and Dulse as well as flakes from the Lofoten stockfish. Sesame, sugar and vinegar are added. The Seaweed Pasta is a must for every pasta fan. In addition to the salty specialities, the Lofoten Seaweed range also includes two chocolates: A white chocolate with raspberries and Dulse and a dark chocolate with Sugar Kelp. A salty-sweet highlight! Last but not least: The Lofoten Seaweed Soap, which is made from 100% organic ingredients from Norway by the manufacturer "Arctic Origins", which is also based in Lofoten in the city of Harstad.

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